The Grease Trap THOR RSK no: 5643841

The Grease Trap THOR takes the Market by Storm!

RSK nr: 5643841

THOR automatically separates fats, oils and grease (FOG) and solids from the wastewater.

THOR is the easiest maintained grease trap for indoor use where space is scarce.

THOR is fully automatic and operates only when needed. After cleaning the water THOR goes back to standby mode and there is no need for complicated programming.

THOR will activate an alarm when the solids and the grease fat containers needs to be emptied. The unique design of the main tank combined with the pumping and filtration technology eliminates foul odours and keeps the grease trap fresh. THOR is the only grease trap on the market that automatically keeps the bottom of the main tank clean.

The environmental-friendly product development ensures a sustainable future where THOR saves the environment 5 tonnes of Co2 emissions per machine per year compared to a passive grease trap.

The construction is Patent Pending No.1530179-9.

Fulfils the EN 1825 requirements of grease removal from water.

Size: Width 761mm, Depth 500mm, Height 494 + 100mm adjustable
Weight: 26 Kg
Water Volume: 35 litres
Flow Rate: Up to 2 litres/second
Amount: 1800 litres/hour
Voltage: 24 V DC
Nominal Effect: 8W
Sealing Class: IP67

EN 1825 Ready

EN 1825 Ready

Fulfils the EN 1825 requirements of grease removal from water tested at Danish Technological Institute

Typical Installation

Typical Installation

Dish washable containers

Dish washable containers

Test Lab

Test Lab

Disinfection system THOR RSK no: 30170

This Disinfection system for THOR heats the water up to 65 degrees Celsius causing all bacteria – that could otherwise cause foul odours – to die off, eliminating any smells.

The heat will also facilitate the separation of fats, oils and grease (FOG) as it becomes more viscous at higher temperatures.

The system is especially recommended when THOR is connected to a sink, not in conjunction with a Dishwasher.

The system facilitates and makes less need for the maintenance and cleaning of the main tank.
Energy usage: 230V 900W

Filter holder THOR RSK no: 30161

The Filter Holder facilitates the changing of filters and eliminates spill on the floor.
Made of stainless steel for best quality.


Joakim Fiedler – the developer of THOR – has over 25 years’ of environmental-friendly product development experience, which has resulted in rigorously optimised functionality in all and every design and product that he has developed. The materials themselves are sourced to have as little impact as possible on the environment in the manufacturing and recycling process – smart and simple solutions for optimal longevity.

The grease trap THOR effectively cleans the wastewater at the source. THOR is the only grease trap on the market that automatically cleans the bottom of the tank to eliminate odours, this results in a prevention of formation of methane and hydrogen sulphate gases – a problem associated with similar constructions on the market. THOR – in part thanks to above-mentioned technologies -saves the environment up to 5 tonnes of hydrogen sulphate emission a year.

The collected solids and fats, oils and grease can be recycled to biogas and biodiesel.

THOR is the Green alternative for Environmental friendly design – the whole way through!

Useful information

Municipal Regulations

Since 2014, any commercial kitchen and dishwashing facilities are required to use some sort of grease trap device to prevent grease oils and fats from reaching the public sewage.

Examples of such businesses can be Hotels, Theatres, Restaurants, Schools and Colleges, Cafes, Pubs and Inns, Conference Centres, Take-Aways, Food Manufacturers, Bakeries, Golf Courses, Canteens at factories and Offices, etc.

Check with the water authorities with your local municipality for rules and regulations.

Passive and Active Grease Traps – The Difference

A passive grease trap is normally situated underground, inside or outside the premises.

It is the oldest form of construction and is basically a big tank where the water is slowed down to let Fats, oils and grease (FOG) gradually rise to the surface and sediment and solids sink to the bottom. It is a slow procedure causing significant methane and hydrogen sulphide gases to be formed over time and dispensed into the open air through ventilation.

A passive grease trap needs to be pumped out once a month, at a cost, to get rid of the FOG, sediments and solids. It is then transported to a sewage treatment plant to be recycled as fertilisers or biogas.

THOR – an active grease trap – requires little space and can easily be placed directly at the source.

The effluent first passes through a filter removing solids, the water then reaches a tank where the water is slowed down. The FOG floats up to the surface where it is directly removed with a transportation belt to be collected in the FOG container.

THOR’s unique design of the tank’s bottom lets the sediment be pumped up to the filter again until it is totally eliminated. This process prevents methane and hydrogen sulphide gases from forming.

THOR saves the environment up to 5 tonnes in Co2 emissions a year compared to a passive grease trap.

The FOGs can then be recycled as biodiesel and the solids as biogas and fertilisers.

THOR the environmental sustainable alternative!


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